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Re-imagine the way you do security with PSG!

We are an industry leading security firm, founded and based in Sydney Australia. PSG services entertainment precincts, events, residential and commercial complexes accross the country. We are backed by more than 70 years of experience to protect your site and its guests.

PSG has extensive experience in business management. We are your partner in security solutions, not just your provider. We seek to understand what you actually need, as opposed to just providing. We use this understanding to provide the most useful security solutions possible

PSG has extremely high expectations of itself and its guards. We encourage weekly reviews of our service and guards, enabling us to ensure you receive the very best service and that if there are any issues, that they are rectified in a timely manner. We have regular site inspections from senior management as well as secret shoppers providing reviews of guards. These processes enable us to provide you with a service second to none.

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We aim to be the one stop shop for all your security needs. We specialise in Residential, commercial, retail, licenced venues (Pubs,clubs,bars, hotels) and it security

Highly Trained Personnel

All of our staff come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have a state of the art training sector that ensures all of our personnel are ready to get the job done and exceed expectations.

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Re-imagine the way you do security with PSG. An industry leading security company founded in Sydney that services licensed entertainment precincts, residential and commercial complexes across Australia. We are backed by more than 70 years of experience to protect your property.


Hyde Park House - PSG Security

Adrienne Brown
General Manager


“PSG is the best security company I have worked with in my career in Sydney. Guards are professional and well trained. The most important point for me is how easy they are to contact with any issues. If you have any problems they are resolved almost on the spot. Highly recommended!”

Three Williams PSG Security

Erica Flack-Suttor
Event Manager

“I’m stoked we found you guys! It is refreshing to have such incredible communication in the lead up and I’m blown away by the fantastic guards that were provided. Who knew it could be this easy!?”


PSG Security at Sackville Hotel Solotel

Pat Douglas

“When it came time to review the security contractor at the Sackville Hotel, PSG was an easy choice, their professionalism and compliance shines through in their level of work and attention to detail, which means I can rest easy knowing that my security teams cares about the pub as much as I do.”


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Cm3 Contractor OHS/WHS 

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